Monday, May 18, 2015

My art work

I've Ben working hard on my art work it 
Took a long time to ad some coulees                                                 

In this picture there are many coulees like







Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Welcome post

Here is my blog it's for my learning 
I hop you leave comments have a nice time on my blog


It's Here is a Gtr 😛                                                                                                                                 

Here are some facts that I've learned about this car
It is a 6 piston car
It has nitro
It's got something to do with force and Motion 
It's a good car
It's fast and it can do good launchers 

Friday, May 8, 2015

My great adventure

This is me in my story

On a Monday I was walking down the road And all of a sudden it jumped at of the bushes I yelled herobrime He ran at me I ran away from him he was still following me I ran past my team chika and
Jamie the artic fox and pachric star then me and my team hopt in to are raceing cars we speed
Down the rode then some thing came at us it was toothless the dragon he was firing bluets at
Herobrime I stop for toothless so he could get in to my doge charger we had to chach up with the
Others then toothless trend the rado on he was lsing to timy tormpet the we heard a police car
The police officer said pol over! I said no and trend the nitro on the nitro was running out the 
Police were catching up so toothless dropet tnt and the police car exploded my team was at
My base when we got there jaime figerd out herobrimes plan he was going to tack over nz 
The we new we had to gear up so we got guns amo and sowds at 1 o at night the war for
Nz started there were guns fireing and all sorts of nisei then I saw herobrime I got my 
My sowd I stabed herobrime then then I had to kill all of his minuses they ran to there ship
The war for nz was over it took 2 years to re biuld 

Dont be worded it's not true